Blogging and SMB’s go hand in hand. Many people do not realize the impact blogs have on a business. A small to medium business that includes blogs on their website have a much higher return rate when it comes to visits to their website. While writing a daily or weekly blog may seem tedious, it offers clients a wealth of information that can answer their questions and keep them coming back, again and again, to learn as much as they can about your business.

What To Blog About?

Blogs can be on random topics or they can discuss common problems that arise with a service, piece of equipment or any business related issue. The key is making them interesting and easy to read so that the customer comes away with knowledge that is useful to them. Depending on the business or service being offered, a blog that provides useful information may prevent the business from being flooded with unnecessary phone calls. If the blog is detailed enough, the customer may be able to handle a minor problem on their own, saving both time and money for both parties.

Blogs do not always have to be serious. The writer can share a funny insight or thought of the day to help remind customers that the people who are employed by the business have a personal side too. Whatever topic is chosen, the blog should be well written and relay a specific message that the customer will enjoy and find to be useful.

How Often Should A Blog Be Posted?

Blogging too much can actually drive a customer away, especially if they subscribe to the website and receive notifications. It is important to offer reminders, but a daily blog may become boring causing the customer to lose interest. The key is discovering how often works best for both the business and the consumer. Some companies post three or four blogs a week, dividing the content between useful, troubleshooting tips, ways to save money and helpful hints on the best ways to improve service.

If a company only blogs occasionally, the customer may start to forget to check back. Weekly blogs may work well for certain types of businesses, but for others, posting blogs at least twice a week can help keep a customer curious, especially if they are interested in the business and the services it offers. Posting blogs on a regular basis also help to improve a company’s return on their investment. If the company pays for the blogs to be written, the amount of traffic generated through the blogs needs to be sufficient enough to bring in new clients and boost existing sales.

Blogging is one of many tools SMB’s have at their disposal that can dramatically affect how well their business is received by the public. A friendly, informative blog will draw new customers and keep them coming back for more. If they can estimate how often the blogs are posted, many will return time and again to see what is happening with the company or if they have a specific question or inquiry.

David has been a search and social geek for the last 16 years. He loves new tech, beta testing, coding, and helping business owners find their audience.