Most marketing companies will tell you that in order to succeed in marketing online you need to be where your customers are.  They’re not always surfing the web to land on your homepage.  They’re on Facebook. They’re on Twitter. They’re on YouTube. They’re on LinkedIn.  They’re on dozens of social marketing sites and if you’re there, too, you could make some valuable new connections. Those connections could translate to profit and to viral potential, too.

And this goes for existing customers, too.  Being where your target audience is won’t just get you an initial order. It could help you keep the fires burning with your customer relationships, too.

There’s something important to remember about internet marketing.  Companies aren’t just stationary at their computer.  They’re using their smartphones, too. They’re using them more than ever. That’s why a mobile audience is so important.  When your customers want information, they can access it from their phone.  People use their phones when they’re shopping in the mall. They use it when they’re trying to find a place to eat dinner.  They’re using it on the elevator, on the train, even in the restroom. They’re using it everywhere.  They may be looking for what you’re selling, in which case your website needs to be optimized for mobile visitors (otherwise they won’t likely become a customer). And they’re surfing on social media sites, too, looking for something to catch their attention — meaning that your presence and/or your advertisements could be being served to them at any point in time.

Why You Need a Marketing Company

Marketing companies can help you develop an online strategy that helps you optimize your site so that it provides good user experience — even on the smallest mobile phone screen. And marketing companies can also help you carve out a sound and strategic social media strategy that could make a big difference and help you reach people both actively and passively. (Not every business who tries to cater to mobile audiences does it well. There is a delicate balance to doing it well so that you don’t alienate people by coming across as spammy.) Good marketing companies can help you focus on multiple areas of opportunity to build new relationships.

The worldwide web is continually evolving and if you work with a good marketing strategist who keeps customer experience at the top of the priority list, you can diversify your strategy you’ll be able to take advantage of as many opportunities for business development and customer relationship management as possible.

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