Keep-Your-Teeth-Healthy-And-WhiteIt’s easy to take your smile for granted. A dazzling smile gives you confidence and can make a great first impression when you meet someone new. But to maintain bright, healthy-looking teeth, it’s important to look after your pearly whites, to keep them in good condition for life. After all, prevention is better than cure – it’s also far easier and cheaper.

Incorporate these expert tips into your dental routine, to care for your teeth and gums properly and ensure that your smile says white and healthy.

1. Brushing Your Teeth.

Most people know that you should brush your teeth 2-3 times a day, but do you brush your teeth thoroughly every time? Whether you use an electric toothbrush or you prefer traditional ones, make sure you target every inch of your teeth. Dentists recommend brushing your teeth for two minutes, so time yourself to ensure that you’re not cutting corners.

2. Teeth Cleaning Essentials

Brushing our teeth is a part of our daily routine, however very people floss and use mouthwash. Flossing doesn’t just tackle food, it also helps to reduce plaque build-ups, to protect your gums and keep your breath naturally fresh. Invest in some alcohol free mouthwash and make it a habit to floss and rinse daily.

3. Sugary Foods

If you’re serious about keeping your teeth in good condition, avoid overindulging on sugary foods. Sweets, chocolate and fizzy drinks can all eat away at your tooth enamel over the course of the day, and eventually cause tooth decay. Switch your refined sugar treats for naturally sweet foods like apples; if you do snack on sweets, buy some sugar-free gum to keep your teeth clean between meals.

4. Avoid Staining

For teeth that sparkle bright, you should also be wary of staining foods and drink. Tea, coffee, red wine and curry are just some of the foods that can dull your teeth, not to mention smoking. So if you’re a regular smoker, coffee-addict or red wine connoisseur, you may want to curb your habit to keep your teeth white!

5. Regular Dentist Appointments

Whilst the above tips can help you address dental hygiene at home, to stay on top of your long-term dental health it’s essential to visit your dentist regularly. Ideally, you should have a dental health examination and gum assessment once every six months. That way, your dentist can spot any potential problems as they arise, before it’s too late.

Give your teeth the attention they deserve and you’ll be able to maintain a healthy, white smile for years to come. Thorough cleaning, a good diet, and regular check-ups are the key ingredients for glowing teeth. Caring your for gums and teeth can also reduce the risk of decay and disease later in life.

If you’re worried about the health or appearance of your teeth, make an appointment with your local dentist for expert advice and specific recommendations, to help you achieve that perfect smile.

This article is written by Kelly Gilmour-Grassam with useful information from Eccleshill Dental. Kelly is a foodie who loves interesting places, you can follow her on Twitter @KellyGGrassam.