It has finally happened. You bought yourself that Kindle/Nook/other tablet, or maybe you have just discovered the beautiful capabilities of your smartphone. Either way, it is now time for you to start delving into the wonderful world of ebooks. I know you are excited, but how do you get started? Is there anything you should know?

For the most part, this process is simple and self explanatory. But here are give tips that can make your ebook enjoyment even greater.

Consider Some Accessories

I don’t usually bother buying accessories for most things in my life. But when I purchased my Kindle, I made a couple of exceptions. You will want both a wall charger and a USB cord, as most devices only come with one or the other. You may also want some kind of backlight. While tablets have their own light source, Kindles don’t. A backlight can let you read in the dark without bothering anyone who might be sleeping beside you. There may be other accessories you find improve your user experience, so look at what they have and buy whatever calls out to you. I also love this one that adds a keyboard to your iPad

Protect Your Device

5 Tips For EBook Reading

When you put the money into an ebook reader, you want to make sure you protect it to the best of your ability. A couple of items are crucial for this, but the most important is a warranty. This will cover accidents, potentially water damage and other issues. Usually, you can buy one when you get your reader. But you can buy one after the fact from a company like SquareTrade. Another good item to have is a case. There are some that will combine uses, like cases that also provide backlights.

Know Where To Get Free Ebooks

5 Tips For EBook Reading


There are so many great opportunities to get free ebooks. The first place to look is always public domain, using resources like Project Gutenberg. Libraries also often have ebooks and cheatsheets you can download from their site, just like borrowing other books. But another place to try for Kindle users in Amazon. They have plenty of free ebooks, both public domain and otherwise, and specials that allow you to get books free for a short period of time. They also have their Amazon Prime program, and users who have that service are allowed to ‘borrow’ a book at a time to read.

Backup Your Files

5 Tips For EBook Reading


Readers like the Nook and Kindle both have automatic account updates through your account. But they only work for the ones you purchased or downloaded through their sites, archiving them in case something happens to your reader. If you have ebooks from other sources it will do nothing to save them. Instead, you have to back these up yourself. I like using DropBox, though you can also save them onto your hard drive, a flash drive, an SD card or anything else that acts as storage.

Don’t Go Overboard

There is so much space on your reader, you have to fill it, right? Wrong. It is so tempting to just go crazy, but keep in mind that just because you download a book doesn’t mean you will ever get around to reading it. This is a big problem of mine, as I have always been an avid book collector. It is why I got a Kindle in the first place, as I didn’t have the space in my home to hold all the books I had purchased over the years. It took a concentrated effort not to do the same thing on my reader (I am not always successful in resisting). Try not to go nuts on the whole ebook thing, especially paid books. It adds up over time, and you might be surprised to see how much you have spent.

Ebooks are the perfect way to combine the new and the old, the timelessness of literature mixing with the new technology that gives us more access than ever before. You just need to know how to take advantage of it all. These tips should help the new ebook reader make the most of it.

Have any tips for ebook readers? Let us know in the comments!

Written by: Jessy Troy, social media junkie and excited reader blogging at You can follow me on Twitter as @JessyTroy