Often, small businesses don’t anticipate or expect how effective Facebook Marketing can be when it comes to building their business. More and more small businesses would love to see their brand pages in the news feeds of their friends and if you are wondering why this is not happening for you, there may be a few things you can do to improve the situation.

Many small business owners are quite passionate about what they do and at the same time are not really as passionate about marketing aspects of the business. When you have Facebook as a tool to help you market your business, knowing a few things will come in handy.  Social media marketing is a platform small businesses can no longer ignore. The only difference is that social media platforms require different skill levels than what you most likely learned in Marketing School.  Here are 5 awesome tips for Facebook and your small business:

Fan Engagement

Algorithms are used by Facebook to monitor activities of engagements. When you rarely have posts or get fans, leave comments or share, this is noted by Facebook and they may just decide that you don’t have posts important enough to send all your fans news feeds. To engage your audience, you should stick around after posting anything to see if fans respond to your posts. Using the names of your fans is also a good way to grow your relationship. People feel heard when using this strategy and using names adds a touch of personality to your business. Mixing things up is also important. Talking about your business but alternating with fun facts is a good idea. Make sure that you balance business and pleasure since, Facebook is not just about business. Asking questions that are easy for anyone to answer is another great idea. Your fans are going to become engaged by easy questions they can answer quickly.

Reward Your Fans

Once your potential fans are attracted to your page, you can focus and keep things simple by encouraging them to “like” your page. You can then create a “tab reveal” which alters and shows new information the moment they ‘like’ your page. Your revealing tab may offer giveaways or free videos. When you use Facebook strategically this way, it becomes a great lead source. Remember to focus on delivering value at all times.

Use a Custom Tab instead of Your Facebook Wall

When a new fan lands on your wall for the first time, it can get confusing to immediately be caught in your wall’s traffic for the first time. Instead, send people to custom-made tabs when using ads, rather than to the wall of your page. A custom tab encourages potential fans to click the button for “like” and you can create a call to action.

Use Ads from Facebook

Your Facebook page will get more exposed and promoted when you use engagement ads. When you set up Facebook engagement ads, you need to grab the attention of your audience. For example, your ad could say “Like if you are having a hard time losing weight.” The moment someone clicks on this ad, they become a Facebook Page fan automatically.

Fan Count Matters

Reportedly, business pages that have a lot of fans are able to get more traffic than those with fewer fans. In this sense, fan count really does matter. With a lot of fans, you can attract even more fans. Growing a quality base of fans is going to be worth your energy and time when you have a small business.

I hope these strategies can help you to become more successful on Facebook.

Article writen by Mark Jones of OSI Affiliate Marketing Software.  To view more articles to help your business check out the Affiliate Markeitng Blog.