Most people think their website design is important, but they get it completely wrong. If their website looks pretty it’s good enough for them, but this isn’t how people make money. Your main design should be focused on conversions because as long as your readers are giving you their money it’s great. When they think your site looks beautiful but don’t get their wallet out it means you better start worrying. I hope you now realize the attractiveness of your design doesn’t mean much.

The attractiveness of your articles is completely different. Sure, you do want your articles to turn people into buyers, but they should still look beautiful. It’s the main reason someone will keep coming back week after week. You probably don’t have a clue what I’m talking about because I’ve seen the look of most websites, so let’s go over a few things that will make your writing stand out. You will be able to design the perfect article that people will love in no time.

Different colored H1-H3 tags

Everyone should use sub-headlines in their articles, so if you don’t you want to start doing something about it now. Both the headline and the sub-headlines need to be a different color from the rest of the article. It means they can stand out and there is more chance of someone skimming through your article rather than clicking away. You can go one step further and use a different font for them because it will make them stand out even more.

Lots of great pictures

Not enough people are putting lovely pictures inside their articles. You don’t want to land on a website that is full of text, right? You will feel like you’re studying for a PHD because everything will look so academic and boring. If you don’t have any decent photos you can use certain ones from around the web as long as you link back to the original source. Just Google ‘creative commons’ and you’ll discover what I’m talking about.

Add in lots of extras

We’ve already talked about how you need to break up the text and it can’t be stressed enough. That is why we’re going to look at a few more ways you can do it. Quotes are amazing and you should definitely use them. It will impress your readers and you will look good because you are subconsciously linked to the person you’re quoting. Bullet points are another one that is severely underused, so if you need to list anything you must use them.

Getting the font right

Where do we start with this one? This is where most people make terrible mistakes because there are so many things that can go wrong. We’ll start with size because it’s an easy one. Increase your font-size because it will help your readers. The actual font should be easy to read unless you run a puzzle website and you’re trying to make the article impossible to understand. Line-height is a good thing to play about with too, so just twiddle with it until it looks better than what it does now.

Slim down a little

If your articles stretch halfway across the page you need to make them a little thinner. If they run from one side of the screen to the other we have a problem. People don’t want to read something so wide and they will click away before you can show them how knowledgeable you are. When you get lots of traffic you don’t want to waste any because of a simple design flaw, so put an imaginary belt around your article, breathe in and squeeze tight.

Nick Tait, the author of today’s guest post, is an online marketing expert providing service for SEO in CT. He enjoys blogging to share his views and opinions with readers on various topics related to search engines.