video-marketing-youtube-vimeoThere is no easier or cheaper way to promote yourself, your business, or your skills than creating a YouTube account and uploading videos of your music, comedy, or media reviews.  With millions of users and thousands of hours of content uploaded each day, however, it is necessary to stand out amongst the massive crowd in order to get any type of attention and reap viewers and subscribers.  While anyone can get started on YouTube, there are several pitfalls that unknowing video loggers tend to fall into that prevent them from becoming better-known in circles besides their friends and family.


Clear and Concise

The absolute first rule of YouTube is to keep all your content meticulously organized.  Keep your main channel clear of any videos that are not affiliated with your efforts or do not explicitly connect to the messages you try to send.  Your video logging channel should have different content than your main channel.  Do your best to have clear and concise titles for your YouTube videos, any information that is not applicable to the content of the video should be excluded or only given a little bit of information in the description.  All titles in your video log should have a name, a date, and a number.

Make it Your Own

Originality is the hallmark of all creative success, whether it is in YouTube or other aspects of the world.  Taking established ideas on YouTube and either using them shamelessly or modifying them slightly is more likely to bring you derision and angry emails than it is to bring success.  Everyone has their own niche and nobody on the Internet appreciates a copycat — especially if the copycat is not as funny or skilled.  This not only relates to content of a video but also promotion: the tags you use for your YouTube account should not be taken from other people’s videos unless they give permission.  Remember that YouTube is a social network just like Facebook or Linkedin: keeping a positive reputation increases the chances of making connections and advancing your video career.

Shake it Up

The definition of insanity is expecting different results while you are doing the same routine again and again.  You may love the videos you post — whether they are business tips or whether they are adorable kittens — but if your viewership is struggling to break three or four figures, it may be time to consider something different.  Focus on the exact skill you have that you consider better than anyone else on the Web (more specific than “video making”).  Perhaps you are an expert at mashing up music, at creating color palates, at makeup, at writing dialogue, or at editing everything together.  You may have better luck collaborating with someone who has better viewership but could still use a boost.  Offer your services for free on a single video and they may be good enough that you can receive credit or even payment for a second video.

Study the Competition

Keep up on the times.  YouTube is a dynamic beast that changes by the hour.  Where one day it is all the rage to make fun of Rebecca Black, by the next day it is old hat.  Ensure that you are putting in as much time watching YouTube videos as you are creating your own.  Take notes on the video series you enjoy watching the most and think how you can get inspiration to improve on your own content.  Do not be afraid to try something new, or to think weeks and even months ahead.  Even if you dislike a vlogger or a broadcaster, watch them anyway: there is no advantage in refusing to learn from another established YouTuber just because you disagree with their message.

This guest post is by Paul Tibayan of Video In Vancouver – a corporate video production company that helps businesses in creating their brand.