There are many sites online that pay content authors to write. Each offer their own writing platforms, guidelines, and fees for performance scales. Authors can write on a variety of different topics or specialize in specific interests. Articles topics range from, but limited to, categories such as business, career, or hobby, to entertainment, reviews, or travel.

There are various ways articles can earn money. Different sites offer different options, including pay per page view, percentage of Google AdSense ads, or upfront payments.

Watts Publishing Group
The Watts Publishing Group is a community based site. You can find or publish articles on a variety of topics including publishing, writing, entrepreneurship and more. Register as a contributor and get paid for traffic to your posts. For maximum exposure, all published articles are syndicated to over 100+ social networks, directories, groups and forums.

Bridal IZ Magazine is a community based magazine that offers tips, articles, and resources for the bridal community. The site is a good place for engaged and married couples to find helpful information on relationships and relationship building. The site serves as a guide for planning weddings, preparing for family, and offers tools for the continual process of personal growth. Register as a contributor and get paid for traffic to your posts.

Yahoo! Contributor Network

The Yahoo! contributor network is a revenue-share site where content authors are able to publish and distribute articles on any topic, excluding adult. There is an editorial team that reviews all submissions. Media such as video, audio or images can be added to the content. Authors can earn money via exclusive assignments or pay per performance page views. Reprints are accepted.


Helium is a revenue-share site Where Knowledge Rules™ and content authors can submit articles on any topic, excluding adult. Categories range from news, journalism, marketplace, how-to’s, politics, debates, contests, creative, or magazine style. Article submissions are between 400 words minimum to 1500 words maximum. Thorough editing need to be completed prior to submission; once submitted, the article cannot be edited or deleted. Reprints are accepted.

Suite 101

Suite 101 is a revenue-share site that offers the opportunity for writers around the world to contribute media, news, and information. Authors can submit and publish content on any topic of interest, excluding adult. Content authors are provided access to online publishing tools, forums, and editorial direction. The articles are distributed to millions of readers across many platforms and third-party sites. Article submissions must be original and cannot be republished elsewhere on the internet for a year.

Digital Journal

Digital Journal is a revenue-sharing site online. Contributors are paid for their work. The site not only pays for page view performance, a percentage of the advertising revenue is shared as well. As a Digital Journalist, you can write articles, post blogs, and upload photos. Content submitted frequently, results in more revenue earned. In calculating revenue, the site factors in the number of article submissions, page views, and votes. Bonuses are paid for interviews and ground reporting. Be sure to register first before submitted content.


Triond is a site where content authors can share and get paid for submitting articles, reviews, and photos. Content can be submitted on any topic, excluding adult. Content authors are paid according to page view performance and receive a percentage of Google Adsense ad earnings. Content is published on the Triond site as well as other third-party sites, based on category. Content submissions must be original and not previously published elsewhere on the internet. Once the article is published first by Triond, the author is free to publish the article elsewhere on the internet. There is no waiting period.


Examiner is a revenue-sharing site in which content authors can submit articles on local news and topics. Content can be submitted on any topic, excluding adult. With over 25 categories to choose from, contributors can write on almost anything, including events, reviews, news, neighborhoods, weather, and local interests. Content posted on Examiner is English only. Earnings are based on page view performance. Reprints are accepted.


Wikinut is a revenue-share site where anyone can write and publish pages. Content submissions are published worldwide and on any topic, excluding adult. Content authors earn money from page view performance and 50% of advert revenue – for the lifetime of the article. Reprints are accepted.


eHow a subsidiary of Demand Media, Inc. is a revenue-share site that allows writers to post How-to articles on almost any topic, excluding adult. Article submissions are simple, informative, and solve everyday problems. Content submissions include unique articles and video. Revenue is earned from page view performance and a percentage of the ad clicks. The information is published world-wide and delivered to millions of people daily. Reprints are accepted; however, original content is preferred.


About is a revenue-sharing site in which content authors (Guides as referenced on their site) are able to write about one of their many available topics. Content authors are assigned to one or more Guides depending upon availability and experience. Topics range from business, cooking, hobbies, travel, technology, and more. The articles are written to provide solutions to everyday questions. Content authors work online and set their own schedules. The compensation plan offers a base monthly payment in addition to page view performance. About also provides a (Contributing Writer) position. Like Guides, everything mentioned previously applies, including the compensation plan. Contributing writers work with Guides to cover the subtopics within a specific topic or category of the GuideSites. Unlike Guides, Contributing writers are not responsible for maintaining the full GuideSites.

What Sites Have You Found Most Profitable?

There are many websites that offer to authors to post articles online, which programs have you found to be the most profitable?